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Yoder Smokers are NOT the typical barbecue pit you buy down at the local department store. These pits are designed for use at the biggest BBQ competitions, and in your own backyard where the competition can be just as stiff. We construct our line of competition-grade smoker pits to last a lifetime. In fact, that's how long we guarantee them against burnout. Learn more...


"Gary is knowledgeable about his products! I had a great experience making commitment to one of the works best barbecues!! Gary was responsive and made sure we had an easy time connecting with the precise bbq I was searching for!! Thank you Gary!! "

"I've been buying from Gary for a number of years now. You won't find a better partner when you're buying that new grill or wanting to bbq anything. He'll help you with recipes, sauces and the best hardware money can buy."

"I had a traeger and switched to a Yoder 480 and love it! It is so strong and sturdy, and appealing. The temperature remains at the set temperature instead of the wind blowing or outside temperature. This cooks anything and it tastes amazing. I have done 2 turkeys in it on several occasions. When it came to a question that I had, the customer service was excellent! Instead of repairing my smoker, they replaced it under warranty. I'll never go back to another brand! I'm hooked!! "

Cherry Bombs

Cherry Bombs

These Pure Kiln Dried Cherry pellets have been formulated to give you maximum smoke and flavor. Great for Charcoal grills!. Just place one or two directly on your coals. They will smoke profusely with minimal flame. Unmatched for color and flavor!

Grill Grates

GrillGrates are a new cooking surface that sears in juices while controlling flare-ups and removing unwanted fat. GrillGrates make it easy to cook lean meat, fish, grilled pizzas, vegetables, and pasta on your grill without worry of burning, drying out or charring.

Sauces & Rubs

Our sauces and rubs are tried and true products.  We not only test them to ensure that they meet our quality standards but we use them on a regular basis. Be sure to check out the Alaskan Umami Sauce.  It is truly one of favorites for any food!

Cooking Pellets

Our pellets are 100% Hardwood to provide your food with the best flavor possible.  Choose from several different varieties, such as Hickory, Black Cherry and our Perfect Mix, a blend of Hickory, Cherry,
Hard Maple and Apple.  Sold in 40 pound bags.


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